Theme settings in Arrigo

NOTE: Theme changes are overwritten during installation of Arrigo Local!

The Theme folder needs to be copied into the product after upgrade. We know this and have a plan.

All theme settings resides in the theme file, in frontend folder. Prepare with the following steps:

You can now override the theme settings.

Remember to back up your theme settings, including the images in the image folder. Easiest way is to create a backupfolder with two folders inside, one for images, and one for theme folder.

Arrigo BMS legazy theme from EXOscada.

We now support legacy theming in views!

By inserting //LegacyTheme as the first row in the OnOpen-attribute of the View in ViewDesigner, Arrigo theming will be ignored when opening the view, letting font families and sizes be determined from the Shared/theme/Standard.cwvt.json-file instead.

Change pictures on login page

Imagine you want to change the splash images. The big image at the right on desktop is called splash and the small waves below login form is called small_splash.

Put your new mySplash.png and mySmallSplash.png in images folder.

Change theme.json in theme folder:

  "login": {
    "images": {
      "splash": "mySplash.png",
      "small_splash": "mySmallSplash.png",
      "show_small_splash_on_desktop": false

If you want to show the small splash on desktop and big screens, set show_small_splash_on_desktop to true.

Save the file. Reload Arrigo with Ctrl+F5 to fetch the new theme settings.

Change logo in header

Put your new myLogo.png in images folder.

If you need to adjust the height of the header, simply increase the numbers in the height section of the theme.json. small is mobile settings, and normal is desktop.

Change theme.json in theme folder to set the new logo:

 "header": {
    "images": {
      "logo": "myLogo.png"
    "height": {
      "normal": "70px",
      "small": "55px"

Change theme colors

Edit the colors.light.json and colors.dark.json to match your logo and visual style of your project.